6 tools to check if a website is trustworthy

how to make the difference between a site you can trust and a real scam? The answer is simple: by using a dedicated tool. There are indeed sites that analyze the reliability of other sites. Here is the list of the 6 leaders. Don’t hesitate to overuse them !


200 #Thanks for each alert you post in Signal-Arnaques !

We can not yet consider this as a wave that would take away all the scams encountered on the Internet, in our emails or by phone, but it is a bit more than a simple drop of water : thanks to the responsiveness and generosity of all those who have posted an alert of scams on our portal, it is 200 people on average who take note of it ! 200 views as many #Thank you for not falling into scammers traps ! The tiny team of Signal-Arnaques joins these #Thanks to each one of you !


“It looks like a real site”: when Shopify and co. host real-fake webstores

Branded items at unbelievably low prices on a good-looking webstore ? Your favorite luxury sunglasses or trainers on sale “only for a few hours” ? Beware, scammers regularly steal the look of official e-commerce websites to abuse consumers, mainly using online store model platforms like Shopify to give credibility to their fraudulent offers. How do these real sites hook us ? How to detect them ?


How to find out if an email is a scam ?

Email is by far the number one online scam weapon: with a database of nearly 30,000 email addresses, Signal-Arnaques knows what it’s talking about ! Often coarse, the scams contained in these emails leave most people totally indifferent, but some crooks know how to “optimize” their writing using subtlety, wit and malice. What types of scams can you receive by email ? How to recognize and defeat them ? Forewarned is more than ever forearmed.


5 tips for detecting a scam site

In the small world of scams, those involving a website to trap you are often among the most elaborate, and also the most complicated to detect for the average web surfer. Fortunately, scam hunters have gathered in recent years some simple tips to avoid them.


ScamDoc : A revolutionary new website to counter scams

ScamDoc is a website that instantly provides information on about how much you can trust a digital identity. Just go to the site and enter the address of the website on which there might be doubt. In a few seconds and as if by magic, a complete analysis is done.