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200 #Thanks for each alert you post in Signal-Arnaques !

We can not yet consider this as a wave that would take away all the scams encountered on the Internet, in our emails or by phone, but it is a bit more than a simple drop of water : thanks to the responsiveness and generosity of all those who have posted an alert of scams on our portal, it is 200 people on average who take note of it ! 200 views as many #Thank you for not falling into scammers traps ! The tiny team of Signal-Arnaques joins these #Thanks to each one of you !


ScamDoc : A revolutionary new website to counter scams

ScamDoc is a website that instantly provides information on about how much you can trust a digital identity. Just go to the site and enter the address of the website on which there might be doubt. In a few seconds and as if by magic, a complete analysis is done.