200 #Thanks for each alert you post in Signal-Arnaques !

We can not yet consider this as a wave that would take away all the scams encountered on the Internet, in our emails or by phone, but it is a bit more than a simple drop of water : thanks to the responsiveness and generosity of all those who have posted an alert of scams on our portal, it is 200 people on average who take note of it ! 200 views as many #Thank you for not falling into scammers traps ! The tiny team of Signal-Arnaques joins these #Thanks to each one of you !

For the past 5 years the Signal-Arnaques community portal has been created, the 160,000 reports directly sent have generated more than 30 million pages viewed by Internet users.

These numbers show the success of the initiative audience for their creators butalso reflect the fact that each alert touches 200 people on average !

200 people who will often see this alert just before giving their trust to an webstore unknown until then !

And however it is not always easy to drop this report, often in a moment of distress and loss of money, in a moment when, as evidenced by some of your comments , you find yourself “too stupid” to have fallen into the trap while you are just the victims of an industrial and global system of scams !

It can be seen every day : there is a lot of pain and anger in many of these reports, with sometimes time lost to waiting for a product that will not arrive, or that arrives with an object unrelated to what you thought to get. A time when your supposed interlocutor does not answer you anymore, or you misuse with a response of late delivery or partial refund just as fraudulent as their approach : oftenly, it is a strategic time to delay your denunciation of their practices.

And then comes this reflex citizen to consider that, beyond a help that you could find on our site, your example could help prevent other people from falling into the same trap.

And it works!

Just browse any reports to see the very large number of #Thanks written by those all happy to find with their search engines more and more alert mentions about sites “that look like real” or a suspicious mail !

Where scammers throw their nets by announcements by e-mail or telephone donations or proposals for work, often to socially weakened people, this community of Signal-Scam reacts generously, hoping with force that these fraudulent traps will be identified and fought.

And they are identified and fought, you have to understand that.

what do to do if I've been scammed

Signal-Arnaques works with many other alert and testimonial initiatives, as does justice and consumer associations.

The young history of this internet portal is punctuated by constant phases of computer and AI development, such as the Scamdoc reliability tool that nows allows you to test trust in a website or a mail on which you have a doubt :

  • launched at the end of 2018, more than 20,000 internet addresses have been tested on Scamdoc in the last quarter alone !

On the other hand, Signal Arnaques didn’t take time to tell you all these success stories against scammers, born of your contributions.

These numerous collective actions carried out from Signal-Arnaques and which allowed to find their actors and to bring them to justice.

All these people who have seen that they were not alone to have been fooled, who have taken courage again and were able to find in the comments filed as much encouragement as advice to protect their personal data.

And all those who, at the last moment before taking their bank card, found this information and were not scammed.

These hundreds of sites now spotted on the Internet and had to close or change their name (and even there, they were immediately spotted by their past victims, and denounced again !)

Or this example of a french fake webstore that has seen her manager take refuge in a police station after knowing about Signal-Arnaques hundreds of comments (as excessively as sometimes excessive) concerning her.

Nevertheless, all this work of denunciations will not stop the industrial “real fake sites” duplication which will promise incredibly low prices to bait you, often via Facebook and Instagram (who still refuse to intervene in this field of their responsibilities)…

Your email address and phone number will continue to be used to obtain your bank details under the invitation to withdraw your prize at a “global lottery”, “check your account” or offer you a brand new smartphone for “only 1 euro “…

But those who do not fall into the trap now join the abused people.

Because the daily information is nourished and documented on these practices, on these nicknames, which will appear again and again on the Internet with “Beware ! Scam!” mentions.

And in the readers of these pages there are also the French, Spanish, UK and USA authorities feeding their own research based on these reports. Up to Interpol, which has set up a cybercrime unit making now possible to refer illicit designed contents abroad to the judicial authorities of the concerned country.

They will not give up trying to scam us by all means, often tortuous, often odious : they just know now that the determined and generous reports of the community of Signal-Arnaques requires them to consider their “Castles in Spain” more distant than imagined.

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