Josie Model: why this romance scam is going on for over 10 years…

She’s called “Josie Model” or “Josie Ann Miller”. Actually, these are the most reliable pseudonyms we have about her, just because her photos are probably the ones that “love-scammers” prefer, even if they have been overused and reported repeatedly since more 10 years.

Just imagine for a minute: she’s a pretty girl but not really a top model whose profile could be too easily suspected… The perfect “girl next door” ! 😉 At first, she’s contacted you on a dating site and falled quickly in love. Shortly after, she ends up having tons of problems and asks you for money. OK, you’ve got it: it’s a plain old romance scam

The main point is that these photos of Josie Model have been taken between 2002 and 2008, they have been referenced for years on many anti-fraud sites in several languages… but they still are successfully used all around the world!

Why she?

Which incentives lead scammers to use these stolen Josie Model images for their scams? These photos but also these videos should be considered unusable because they have been used by dozens of different scammers time and time again. Moreover, it’s nowadays really easy to find victims’ testimonies about them on the internet.

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of an African scammer. What does he need ?

  • an attractive but sensible profile
  • a great collection of photos to be sent in various situations
  • videos of someone chatting via Skype sessions
  • striptease videos for possible sextortion attempts
  • a good knowledge of the media directory we can use: he must send the right image or video at the right time

Even if the scammers have diverted a lot of images and videos, the profile quality of Josie Model has no equivalent: tens of thousands of photos and dozens of videos have been stolen on her previous websites and are now available to all! Around 2005, Josie Model was also doing many video chat sessions which is the most valuable “material” for grazers to inject those into Skype (for example with ManyCam).  This software makes it possible to convince the victims of the reality of the person with whom they exchange.

A little history of Nigerian scams

The “419 scams” or “African scams” appeared in Nigeria from the colonial era in the early part of the 20th century and multiplied through numerous scam letters sent to the United Kingdom and the United States in 80’s. Thanks to the development of the accessibility of the Internet since 1997 in some cybercafés of Lagos, these fraudulent methods will exponentially growth. Along the classical advance-fee scams (lottery, loan, inheritance …), romance scams will become more and more popular beyond 419 fraudsters and will be exported to nearby countries in the early 2000s: Ghana, Benin, Togo and Ivory Coast.

How the scam phenomenon has spread across Western Africa

Gradually, romance scam groups will structure and streamline their approach to maximize their profits. : have a typical scenario, go hunting for “mugus“, get good contacts so you do not have problems with local authorities or Western Union offices. They also need resources: all kinds of fake mails, stolen identity documents and, above all, photos and videos.

It was at that time, when these groups are well structured, in 2007, that the site of Josie Model will be literally looted and that its image will begin to be exploited for scams. This “mine” will be used constantly, especially in Ivory Coast for French speakers and in Ghana for English speakers.

In search of the true “Josie”

The saddest part of this story is that the victims manage to be convinced by their scammers that they are truly in contact with the “real” Josie. She explains to them that she has indeed made erotic photos but that this period is now over and she is now looking for a serious relationship. Worse: they set up a whole story based on the fact that lots of crooks use her image and she is desperate!

But, dear gentlemen, sorry to tell you that the real Josie is no longer online for several years and she has no reason to seek love on the Internet. Unfortunately, the scammers’ mental domination on some of their “mugus” is so powerful that even blogs like this do not convince them… Too bad.

11 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    These guys take advantage of vulnerable people. They conned my me into depositing £17,250 (most of my savings) into this scheme. They then continued to call and text me. They are utter scum bags.

  2. Stephen Evans says:

    She’s using the name Linda Akor address
    387 wheatsone lane , Pennsylvania, lebanon 17042

  3. Mathieu says:

    Cette lory a voulu aussi me prendre dans son piège j’ai demande son watts a spp elle saï tiré

  4. Josie Ann Miller died on August 16 2019 badly beaten and stabbed … She was married to Johannes Animah And was living under the name of Martha Animah Her killers are still free She is buried in Kumasi Ghana …

    • thomas schluter says:

      dear sir, did u say josie ann miller had been killed? ohh, what a shock
      can u tell me more about her?, i was told she had been bitten by a snake and is still alive living in Kumasi Ghana, do u think that would be true?
      Reguards Thomas.

  5. John Martindale says:

    At the moment she is using the name Rita Ayisha, Her Phone number is 00233 56152 6159
    and she has a couple of email address one is Rita the other one in which she sends messages on to me is

  6. john says:

    do not get scam by he goes by Michael Lola

  7. anonymous says:

    in ivory coast josie model is used under the name claudine juilette jim +225 0565899782.
    he / she uses multiple email addresses and accounts supposedly under the name of lionel santerre (lawyer) Gobier Jean Marchal (bank manager) uemoa michael (ivory coast tax department) he / she even called in a mayor! sending fake passports when asked for a passport! send false documents related to inheritance and bank transfers!
    I have spoken to some of the ivorian police but they are equally corrupt and do nothing to punish these types of people.

  8. thomas schluter says:

    dear sir, did u say josie ann miller had been killed? ohh, what a shock
    can u tell me more about her?, i was told she had been bitten by a snake and is still alive living in Kumasi Ghana, do u think that would be true?
    Reguards Thomas.

  9. Marcus Williams says:

    Josie Ann Miller or Josie Model is a government employee that works for an organization that operates a clandestine program that assists law enforcement. Her real name is Grace Erica McLeod and she lives in Anniston Alabama. She has three daughters and a granddaughter and she’s a chronic masterbater. I dare someone to prove me wrong !

  10. Przyjaciel says:

    Conspiracy theories and lack of details. Can someone show photos from 2021?

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